pogo wins French tournament !

One of JDF’s finest, gentleman fighter known around the JDF mountains and valleys as pogo has won a French tournament and here’s the video to prove it ! Félicitations cher pogo and many more wins !

Timeout in 1vs1 slots

The 1 versus 1 slots are considered premium slots because of the “only one player per area” mechanism. There were many complaints where players occupy and just stay idle, preventing other people from using the areas. To solve this problem a 15 minutes timeout has been implemented. If the timer expires on a player, he/she […]

What an amazing video !

One of our most active and skilled fighters going by the nickname luichek, appears to be also a great video producer. We are honored to see his breathtaking production, which captures the essence of our server and all the excitement in our virtual playground. A big big THANK YOU Luichek ! We owe you a […]

2 versus 2

The 2vs2 system is under beta testing. Some things may change, mainly based on user feedback. 2 versus 2 : the next step in BFM. The feeling of having your bacon saved by your teammate (and vice versa) is unique. Area highlights No more than 4 players (2 on each side) are allowed (enforced by […]

Link between server slots and site

Hard at work, the latest out of our development team ! We now have the mechanism to control slot occupation from our site. This opens a lot of opportunities. We have started by creating a third area for one vs one fights. This area can only be used (at the moment) by our beta testers […]

Site under heavy construction

Hi all ! Please note that we are working on adding features, finishing pages and cleaning up test code. We wil be taking on a few beta testers soon. We will run announcements in-game. Many thanks to the people that already applied for membership. Excuse us for any delay. We hope that the waiting will […]