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  • pogo wins French tournament !
    One of JDF’s finest, gentleman fighter known around the JDF mountains and valleys as pogo has won a French tournament and here’s the video […]
  • Timeout in 1vs1 slots
    The 1 versus 1 slots are considered premium slots because of the “only one player per area” mechanism. There were many complaints where players […]
  • What an amazing video !
    One of our most active and skilled fighters going by the nickname luichek, appears to be also a great video producer. We are honored […]

Just DogFight DCS Server – What it is :

A friendly place to go into immediate close air combat (dogfight) action.
If you want to get proficient in close air combat, this is the server to join.

Server Features :

  • 4 Main types of game play – IR+Guns, Guns only, 1vs1 areas, 2vs2 area.
  • Aircraft spawning on user command (F10 menu) in IR and Guns areas.
  • 1vs1 areas that ensures one player per side.
  • 2vs2 area that ensures 2 vs 2 opponents by auto creating needed AI planes (various options controlled by the players).
  • WW2 dogfighting area.
  • Helicopter 1v1 area.
  • Real time server and player stats, Top 10 tables
  • Nickname reservation across all JDF servers.
  • Reserved areas for registered users.
  • Automatic limits on the use of medium range missiles (biased randomized failures).
  • Destroyable, auto re-spawning ground defenses (for fun).
  • Historical data from (registration and game link required).
  • Automatic warning / temporary banning on multiple team kills.
  • Player chooses to punish or not on team kill.

Why :

  • Because (most of the times) we do not have 1 hour for preparation and another hour for getting where the AIM120 will want to be friends with us.
  • Because (most of the times) fur-ball is fun.
  • Because (most of the times) we do not like Long Range BVR missiles.
  • Because (many times) when we play we like as little rules as possible.
  • Because (most of the times) we like air to air.
  • Because (some times) we like taking off from the taxiways !

– Keep the chat decent. We have very young people connecting, please be cautious of what you type.
DO NOT BE LAME. Do not eject from a healthy plane because you are about to be shot out of the sky. Be a sport.
– When out of missiles, either stay for the gunfight or make a run for your base. Bases are protected by AAA. Again, Be a sport.
– Keep the teams balanced.
– Be nice and courteous, have fun !
– Keep your canopy on. Do not spoil it for the screen-shooters !

Our Forums and News areas are available to our friendly community.

And remember, it is OK to be shot down.
Keep smiling, this should help: