Timeout in 1vs1 slots

The 1 versus 1 slots are considered premium slots because of the “only one player per area” mechanism. There were many complaints where players occupy and just stay idle, preventing other people from using the areas. To solve this problem a 15 minutes timeout has been implemented. If the timer expires on a player, he/she is moved to the spectators.

This mechanism works as below :

The timer is reset to 15 minutes once a user occupies a slot.

The 15 minutes are reset if :

  • The player scores a kill
  • The player is killed
  • The player re-occupies a slot

To prevent get moved to the spectators mid-fight, re-occupy your slot just before the fight begins.

If you have fights that last more than 15 minutes, contact us through the forums or our e-mail with date and time of occurrence.

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