Nicknames Reservation – Link JDF Server & Website account

Link your JDF DCS identity to your JDF website account, Reserve nicknames. The process is fairly straightforward : Login to your JDF Web account, go to your Profile page and copy the “RESERVATION TOKEN” Connect to any JustDogFight server (stable or openbeta) Open the chat box by pressing Shift-Tab. Paste the RSV token that you […]

Active Players Page

An Active Players page is created to hold the details of the players connected to the Just Dogfight server. The active JDF server players appear instantly in your web browser as shown below. Details as Player Name, Slot and Ping. Slot naming and meaning : The beginning of the slots and their meaning is listed […]

Fake JDF server

Sad but true : These guys copied the mission and worst of all the server name ! Yes, we have fake Rolex-es and fake JDF servers ! I guess it adds value to the brand-name ! <Shaming meme goes here>